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Chipmunk Music provides musical sensory classes for babies and toddlers in Burton on Trent.

   Music ignites all areas of child development and this is most important during the first few years of a childs life. At Chipmunk Music our little chipmunks dance, sing, and learn through play in a safe, fun and engaging musical session where the grown ups are encouraged to join in too! Using brand new original songs alongside a mixture of popular music and nursery rhymes, a huge variety of props and musical instruments, and a big dollop of fun, Chipmunk Music really is the best place to spend quality time with your little one whilst watching them learn and grow.

   Classes are aimed at babies and toddlers up to the age of 4. Our classes are relaxed and informal, and are as much for the grown ups as well as the children in terms of making friends and forming support networks. Every week is a different theme which means we get to explore lots of different sensory experiences, and classes run for 45 minutes. You can choose to book a half term block which is usually about 6 weeks long, or you can make use of our Pay As You Go option. I am DBS checked and fully insured.
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Chipmunk Music

Hello! My name's Emily and I am the creator of Chipmunk Music. I come from a little seaside town on the south coast called Weymouth, but now live in Burton on Trent with my husband Mark and our two boys, Alfie who's 5, and Toby who's 1. I have spent almost 20 years working as a professional singer, I've been lucky enough to travel the world whilst working on cruise ships, and have also been all around the UK in musicals and on many music tours. I continue to work extensively with my band 'Jump Showband' At the start of my career I spent 3 years working on holiday parks where I ran entertainment for children of all ages, and I knew back then that this was something I wanted to return to when the time was right. Becoming a Mummy is by far my greatest achievement but it also means I don't want to work away from home so much, and so Chipmunk Music was born. It really has been such a joy to create. I have absolutely loved every second of writing all the songs and developing the characters and content and I'm still working hard to make sure that I always bring you the best possible product! I can't wait to share this journey with you all and meet your little chipmunks, and I hope that Chipmunk Music becomes as special to you as it is to me.

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